Alchemist CALL

Alchemist - MistX (

Crucible -

Alchemist Call Notes:

15 -20 Developers (part and full time)

Builder community - closer to 30 (producing stuff for Alchemist)

Core Team is design/marketing 

Protocol that incentivizes building in the most abstract sense, cool shit. 

Did a fair launch, raised 35 ETH that went directly back to liquidity mining. Inflation is a tax on holders, to build products, that goes back toward building things that add value to community.

Crucible Farm - first product 

MistX - flashbots based dex aggregator (KPI is # of daily users) 

Cooper - fair launch front end (ties into Balancers smart contract, received a grant from Balancer) 

Sandwich - educational site about front-running 

#1 Goal that they're trying to achieve: 

Each product operates as an independent startup - market share/revenue (growing one or both)

Goal for Alchemist itself - experimentally achieving the optimal structure to replicate success, feeding people thru a funnel that leads to that.

# of successful revenue generating products that they produce is their KPI

Each project has a project lead contact

When a potential product comes out, they have an existing builder community that self formulates a team around it. Self-forming teams in a community context.

Cross-pollinating communities - use XIO token to help them hit specific KPIs. 

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