This guy turned his dead uncle's skeleton into a fully functional guitar

"As MetalSucks reports, a man who goes by the moniker Prince Midnight (already we’re off to a cool start) has just finished constructing a guitar out of his uncle Filip’s bones. Definitely a bit freaky, but it has been quite some time since Filip passed.

Tragically, he died more than 20 years ago as the result of a car accident.Filip’s skeleton had been donated to a local college in Greece, where it was used for educational purposes for two decades. When the school no longer needed the skeleton, it was returned to his family. With Orthodox Greeks frowning upon cremation and the cost of burial too expensive, Prince Midnight and family were at a crossroads as to what to do with Filip’s remains.

First, Prince Midnight had to deal with a lot of red tape just to gain possession of the skeleton, as he had to file and refile tons of paperwork to repatriate Filip’s remains. After finally receiving the remains, he ultimately decided to pay homage to his metal-loving uncle by turning Filip’s skeleton into a guitar."

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