The Indo-Pacific Treaty Organization (IPTO)

🌏 There is only one reason that China hates and opposes our Indo-Pacific Treaty Organization proposal. That is because it is brilliant, and they know it would be effective.

We believe that security brings stability, and stability brings prosperity. So we wish to establish more security alliances with other nations in the world, so they can be more secure and stable and prosperous. NATO has proven to be the most successful alliance of all time, and the organization has made the European region secure, stable and prosperous for all of the countries that are members of the alliance. We believe that building on this hugely successful organization is the best path forward to meet global challenges. However, expanding NATO into a global treaty organization would be too difficult - it would be too difficult to build consensus among all of the members - so we propose creating regional treaty organizations for the four main regions of the world, which we have identified as the Indo-Pacific, Africa, Europe aka the North Atlantic, and the Americas, and then inviting liberal democracies in those regions to join those organizations.

The USA, however, already has several bilateral treaty alliances with countries in the Indo-Pacific region: Japan, South Korea and Australia. We are already committed to their security, so this should be the next region we build a treaty organization for. We believe the best way to continue to address the growing security concerns of this region is to establish another treaty organization for this region modeled on NATO, and then to have the two organizations work together and cooperate with one another. xo

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