The USA Loves Ukraine

🇺🇦 I'm extremely disappointed that the Speaker of the House stalled the national security supplement for so long, jeopardizing many of our foreign policy objectives. I am also alarmed to learn of the new buildup of troops along the Russian border and the attacks on Kharkiv. We hope the US administration will inform Ukraine that they may use US weapons to strike within Russia. Our only request for Ukraine is that they abide by international law, and to not stoop to Russia's level by committing war crimes. We wish for the DOD and NATO to work with Ukraine on an effective strategy to push back the Russians. We ask Germany to allow the USA to purchase the Taurus missiles for Ukraine that they so desperately need. We wish for the USA and our allies to defend Ukraine against strikes from Russia, the way we defended Israel from Iran. We wish for both Republicans and Democrats to work together and ensure that Ukraine has everything they need to defeat Russia. We ask Congress to stop the partisan infighting on Capital Hill, because they are jeopardizing the lives of innocent people around the world as well as our own national security and the security of our partners in Europe. We ask Congress to take these global threats more seriously and to address all of these threats with more urgency. xo

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