Day 06: 10 years later

A picture of my mom, when I was testing the first lens I ever bought, a Sigma 18-35mm lens with an f/1.8 opening. People like the Sigma lens because of the sharp images it can produce and the f/1.8 opening applies throughout the range of its focal length. The camera body used was the same camera my mom bought for me 10 years ago. In those 10 years, I used the camera with the kit lens that came with it. For some time I did toy with the thought of buying a 50mm prime lens, people often do, but I didn't have my own money then. And in general, there was nothing to push me to upgrade the gear I was using. Eventually, buying the Sigma lens was my partner's recommendation and not even my own. I happened to afford it, to afford thinking about it, because of savings from a side-job. Finally, when it arrived, then taking this photo, it felt like having a new camera. And I will remember that distinct feeling every time I see this picture of my mom, who was also happy that I had bought a camera lens, haha. I think it was because she understood that in every profession, there are investments you have to make to advance your craft. For a long time, I refused to think in those terms, but now, there's not so much resistance, I can understand it comes with advancing anything, that it's worth going for if you can. Throughout that year and even with the pandemic, I went out to shoot more, cover more events, events I otherwise wouldn't have gone to, looked at my photos, edited and experimented with them, shared them with others. I realized, or finally admitted, that taking photos was something I liked to do. 

Entry 06 / #100Days

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