Day 08: Life of an outtake

Food is sent over by officials of the local barangay to a group of jeepney drivers who have been disallowed from their livelihoods since the start of the pandemic 


An outtake, a take that doesn't make the final cut, a term that by Wikipedia's radar, originates from film production but can be borrowed for photography. A photo that isn't chosen to be part of the story. But interest was there to take the photo. Maybe improving one's practice diminishes that gap between production and output. The photos you take when you're there, the photos you file for your story, the one where you cater to your assumption of market need (outside of the mainstream fold, no one really tells you what it is) 

Anyway, this is a photo of the tinola meal of jeepney drivers at PASODA-PISTON's terminal in Fairview. Drivers resorted to begging on the streets since losing their source of income. Knowing this situation, a branch of the local LGU sends food for the drivers. It is served in a large kawali for sharing, on the tailend edge of a parked jeep at the terminal.

I didn't get to use this for a photo set I filed for Mayday, where the focus was their meeting ahead of the Bonifacio Day mobilization and their localized protest against the jeepney phaseout. But I think a little further writing and I could have. 

Entry 08 / #100Days 

SIDENOTE: Days are getting busier. I continue to enjoy the exercise of picking out photos and topics to write about, but I'm struggling how to diversify my writing. I notice that picking out topics is not an issue, up to writing the intro is fine, but filling up the body then putting the post to a satisfying close is a challenge. I always end up with cliches. Sometimes I drift away from a central point. For the past week, I work on the entries for probably less than an hour per day, which is not enough to make longer entries or write about topics in a manner that's more fleshed out. When I try to write fast, I produce a lot of run-on sentences. Or phrases. Thoughts I didn't chew. I hope I come up with a better system throughout this #100Days writing challenge so that I don't just go through it for compliance. 


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