Day 11: Like a plane landing

Activists at a trade union center gather to watch the evening news to see if the May One protest "landed" on mainstream news channels 

Told a friend once, "When I have a camera in hand, it feels like I'm working." I find myself re-visiting what I said. Our cultural assumptions about work, where we characterize it as tiring and empty, or alienating, could interfere with what I mean. In a more neutral sense, I think my body at work when taking photos or operating a camera only means I take a while and some extra effort to step out of the moment. It takes a little distance to take a photo, literally staying still, framing and exposing a shot. In these photos, I think I stopped mid-conversation when I noticed what was happening and actively decided this was something I wanted to take a picture of. I knew what it was going to look like and I knew what it was going to mean to me, so I stopped to put it into pictures. 

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