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'parent is not defined' Vue 3 & Nuxt Error

Introduction Are you experiencing parent is not defined in Vue 3 and Nuxt 3? More specifically, is this issue occurring when using an event that a component is emitting? If so, this is because the event is emitting server side as well as client side hence you running into the issues! Solution The best way to resolve this error is to create a custom helper function which could sit within a utils js/ts file. In there you can create a custom emit function like this: const clientEmit = (event, ...
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Inappropriate Ioctl for Device GPG Error

Introduction Are you trying to push or commit your code to Github/Git and when committing, notice that you're getting the error 'Inappropriate ioctl for device' error? This is because you're using GPG (PGP) to sign your Git commits (hopefully this is intended as signing your commits allows your Git provider to know for certain a commit came from your machine). Solution This issue stems from a step being skipped when GPG support is enabled. According to the gpg-agent man pages, you should alw...
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Hello World

Hello World This is my first blog post using the included Listed platform of Standard Notes. I plan on rambling on about a wide range of topics. ...
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