Mowed the lawn, and got the pizza sauce ready for Saturday. Going to make the pizza dough in the morning, and defrost and marinate the meat for the BBQ.

Had Brendan and his daugther visit this afternoon. I made the pizza dough in the morning, and made the pizza before they arrived. His daughter really liked the pizza, and Brendan really liked the chicken drumsticks.

We had a lot to catch up on, and it seems like we have a lot more to do. I asked if Brendan wanted to chat more frequently, but in smaller bursts. Hopefully he agrees.

He mentioned an issue that may be related to his bout with lymphoma recently related to his heart/pulmonary system, but he didn't have all the details. Seems he was unable to exert himself for three weeks, so I hope he can get tested to see what that could be.

I really hope he agrees to chat more frequently, I think we both need it.

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