Mike and Lisa came to visit today, and they had a great time with Parisa. She also had a great time with both of them, an improvement compared to even a few months ago when she would freak out whenever she encountered Mike.

I tried to get record the serial transmissions from the HC-05 using the Logic Analyzer, bypassing the Arduino and using a USB-to-TTL (FTDL) board. I could observe the signals being sent, but the HC-05 never responded. I tried different baud rates, line endings, putting the HC-05 into command or data mode and it did not make a difference. At one point I was able to transmit serially from the Arduino to the bluetooth terminal on my phone, but it would not register data sent from the phone. I am really at a loss.

Managed to get serial communication from Arduino to Bluetooth to my phone, but not the other way.

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