Had a great day with family today. Parisa had a blast playing with everyone, and even gave her little cousin a kiss.

My Dad had expressed interest in making some bread, but he wanted to start by making sourdough bread. He decided not to try making any because he wasn't willing to wait a week for the starter to ferment, so I decided to show him the relatively quick recipe I use. It takes about 3-4 hours, but it could be shaved down to 2-3 hours. So I demonstrated how the recipe for him, but I also gave a copy of the recipe I use as a guide. Hopefully he will give it a try. The bread turned out pretty good, though it seemed like the dough needed 5 more minutes (or less) to finish cooking. Their convection oven did reduce the cooking time, and the loaf did start to develop a light brown crust.

I have someone from a company coming by this week, who were sub-contracted by the city to replace our gas meters. So I need to clear the area around the gas meter so they can work unobstructed, as well as the furance.

I am looking forward to my vacation days later this week.

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