Had lunch with Peter and his daugther today, it was good to catch up in person.

I got an email from Amazon, saying the bottle of hand sanitizer I put purchased is not safe to use and is being recalled. The link they shared lists over 50 other brands. I used to refill one of the empty hand sanitizers we use when changing Parisa, but we have not used it yet. I did refill the small bottle we keep in the car, and that one we have used. So we are just going to throw them out, I think we still have bottles of Purell that we can use.

I also caved and ordered some PCBs from OshPark, one is a Push On, Hold Off Power Switch I can use for that Busy Box for Parisa. I was going to order the parts from DigiKey later since I went with their free shipping option, which takes 3 weeks. The fabrication can take 2 weeks. I got an email from them saying they had room in their Super Swift service. So the PCBs will be ready in 5 days, but I still have to wait 5-21 days for delivery. I may have to order those components from DigiKey sooner then expected, but maybe I should wait until the PCBs arrive. In case something is not quite right.

I am going to try install Pi-Hole on my desktop, see if these network issues we are having are related. At least I can easily check the logs on my computer.

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