Had to cancel our trip to Collingwood, our daugther was still not feeling well and travelling with a sick child is not ideal. We will try to do something when she feels better, hopefully that will happen before I have to go back to work.

After I complained to my friend Peter that my electronics knowledge is not as good as I wanted, he asked if I wanted a copy of an electronics book he owns. I thought I recognized it, but I wasn't sure where I may have put it. So I decided to clean up some of the files on my HDs and Dropbox. I removed most of the files I was no longer using in Dropbox, and consolidated my files or made duplicate copies for the more important files. Ultimately I found my collection of PDFs, particularly the Make series I got from a Humble Book Bundle a few years ago, but I did not have the version Peter offered.

I feel a little better about cleaning/organizing my files, now I should tackle all the duplicate MP3s I have. A bigger task will be to correctly name the files, but a slightly less daunting task may be the removal of tracks I do not want. Typically these are tracks I found as part of an anthology/discography for an artist that I wanted to hear from more, but alot of the tracks are not as interesting as the tracks that attracted me to them in the first place. Even after I removed three CDs I did not want to have to skip every time, I still have almost 4000 tracks to listen and decide if I want to keep.

There is also the purging and organizing of my bookmarks, I do not think I should have over 1000 bookmarks in my collection.

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