So the IR LEDs that we use to illuminate our daughter's room started to fail recently, enough that we noticed a significant decrease in visibility on the baby monitor. When I inspected the IR LEDs, only 1/3 were working. I found some replacement LED boards on AliExpress, and they arrived yesterday. But the replacements boards were smaller then the exisiting one.

I thought I screwed myself over since I did not check the dimensions before placing the order, but then I noticed something. The LED board was mounted on these long and narrow brass stand-offs, which were screwed into the plastic case. There was a second set of holes inside the case, and they aligned perfectly for the new LED board.

Screwing in the brass stand-offs into those holes took much longer then I expected, but eventually I got them in and mounted the new IR LED board. Now our daughter's room is well illuminated in the infrared.

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