There was some fog and darkness that enveloped our judicial and political systems, and somehow found their way into our social structure as Americans... or maybe it was the other way around? I don’t know, it’s hard to tease apart where everything went to shit, it seemed to be towards the end of the Obama era where we as a society started to fragment and become a disorganized and disenfranchised mess. No one has answers, but at least one side acknowledges the issues, where as the other side tries to distract with mirrors and smoke. I have been a Democrat and a liberal for as long as I can remember. I was very much a “leftist” and a “hippie” most of my life... until recently, it seems that the Democratic Party, at least politically, has lost sight of reality and has been trying to get people to vote by feeling instead of thinking. Republicans are also guilty of this, but my analysis is that their insanity was spurred by the Democrats’ original strategy back in 2016, and THAT is what is ruining America... this back and fourth bickering based on nothing... like an old angry curmudgeon couple… the gender and identity politics. The you vs me. The immigrants, gays, transgenders, muslims, blacks, whites, woman, men, etc ... we are all people, humans, homosapiens… animals. First and foremost, we all exist, period. But when our existence becomes a beacon of hate, and when our goal become to push a particular agenda, despite its departure from actual truth and reality, then we tend to fuck others over and step on their rights to live and love and be human💘. All this, in order to push our own agenda... well then we piss others off, and that’s what I believe American politics has become in recent years... anyways… either ways… I wish I could make my own political party. my own race. my own gender. my own world. my own universe. Where all are equal. Where we are all held to the same standards. Where we all look similar enough that it doesn’t affect our life and our opportunities... but that’s not how God or Life works… so I guess, maybe, I’m fairer than them? Or maybe I’m not? Maybe there’s more than what we see on the surface? Maybe there is some crazy deep unseen, un-understood shit that actually manages all this mess? ... I DONT KNOW!? but … I don’t claim to know anything without evidence, and without evidence, it’s hard for me to believe in anything. Evidence based life. evidence based medicine. Evidence based decisions. Evidence. Evidence. Evidence. Evidence. Evidence. Evidence. Evidence. Anyone who has any doubt or who has any questions about anything should perform a trial or an experiment that provides the thinking community with proof. Real, undisputed, mathematical, empirical evidence that supports their claim. Anyone that doesn’t, should be considered a farce until proven otherwise… proven with EVIDENCE! Reality is different than imagination and I prefer reality. Fantasies are nice on a Sunday morning, but Monday through Friday I make my decisions based on evidence and based on experiments that prove a reduction in morbidity and mortality. And if I do anything else, I should be held liable. The same should be expected of our leaders in Washington.

Honestly, the best president, the best judge, the best senator, governor, doctor, lawyer, accountant, therapist, etc.. is an HONEST one... how do we assess honesty? If someone belongs to a certain sex or race, does that make them AUTOMATICALLY honesty?? That is what leftist Democrats would like you to believe, but the truth is... everyone has the potential to lie for personal gain, therefore, we should only believe people who have objective and quantifiable evidence. other than that, All else is speculation and emotion, which should Always be taken with contextual interpretations. The alternative is to believe EVERYONE about EVERYTHING. The reality of the situation, is that people say fucked up shit about other people all the fucking time in so many fucking ways, and only one thing can actually fucking convince me about anything and those things include: statistics, reality, experience, experimentation.

I guess I always have been a skeptic and a trouble maker.

Imagine a world with ONLY females? ONLY males? ONLY gays? ONLY blacks? ONLY whites? etc etc etc. That would be a truly boring and monotonous existence. We are ALL different for many reasons…
we will always be different and our differences are what make us BEAUTIFUL and the variety is what makes LIFE LIFE. The variety is what makes living worth living. We should embrace them. We should embrace one another, and learn from each other… We should embrace ourselves and embrace the evidence which has helped further our understand existence. We should never stop trying and we should always fight for objective truth, no matter what we personally believe in.


-Heng Dai