Music Trends for 2022 You Must Know

Despite all the difficulties of 2021, music remains an aspect where people can find a source of joy and inspiration, create and express themselves. 2021 became the year when community support was more important than ever, and users were able to find such support on various music platforms, which brought together millions of people around the world. Today we will talk about those important music trends of 2021 that you should know about.

Music is not only about beats, melodies, and lyrics. If you want to be heard, show yourself: artists today have to compete for likes and views. What rules are dictated by the digital battlefield in 2021 and what new visual trends are shaping the market? Today we will talk about those important music trends of 2021 that you should know about.

Music copyright check

We live in a modern world and paying for everything has already become the norm. If a couple of years ago we were looking for ways to hack copyright, bypass the system, now we are ready to buy the rights to royalty free music and without fear of being fined or banned and using it for our purposes.

Any work has an author, and therefore, copyrights. It is a mistake to think that even a free downloaded track can be used for any purpose. A license check does not prove the presence or absence of the copyright holder; it can show who the author is and what permissions and restrictions he has set on his work. Based on this information, you will understand who to contact to purchase a license or redeem exclusive rights to the track itself.

Be simpler and be everywhere

Keeping in touch with fans is becoming more important than investing in visual production. Today, the cool thing is not in how high-quality the clips came out, but in how closely you worked with the audience in the process and what kind of response you received in the network as a result. The main requirement for getting to the top is “memo capacity” and virality.

Everyone understood that they could become themselves both gloss and tabloids. Instead of pompous clips, interviews in Rolling Stone, and PR costs, artists can give live concerts on streaming (like Vogel, Grechka, or Mitya Fomin in Sound) or their own YouTube channel, share photos on Instagram, or, at worst, shave their eyebrows and remove stories.

Hommages turning into plagiarism

When you create a work, there is nothing wrong with using other people's ideas, reworking them, and choosing the perfect expression for your thoughts.

Musicians often look to idols and peers to pay tribute or use the “repetition of someone else's cover” technique as part of a promo. For example, with the release of London Calling, The Clash referred to Elvis' debut album. Today, Kazakh hip-hop artist Ganvest is copying the visual style of American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, and the latest cover of Morgenstern's album was specially made so that everyone would say: “Hey, what are you doing? This is the DaBaby cover! You're wild, Morgenstern! "

Emoji and interface elements

A great way to get the attention of millennials and buzzers is to put emoji or chat on the cover of your new album. A screenshot of a short dialogue in a messenger window can tell a whole story, and emoji has long become a universal emotional language. This is what the artists of the modern world are using in 2021.

Beabadoobee - guitar music is always on trend

Filipino British indie-pop star Beatrice Christie Laus first picked up a guitar in 2017. Father brought home a used instrument and Bea, who had previously played the violin for seven years, decided to experiment. Wrote the song Coffee, posted it on the network. In just a few days, hundreds of thousands of people listened to the track, and after a while, the label Dirty Hit Records offered its services.

In March 2018, her first EP Lice was released. Followed by the mini-albums Patched Up, Loveworm, and Space Cadet. In her songs, she honestly talks about young love, self-doubt, and mental problems. And all this with unconventional indie motives.

Today, Beabadoobee is shortlisted for the Rising Star Award at the annual Brit Awards and on the BBC's Rising Star List. And Bea's fans, including R'n'B singer Khalid and Jaden Smith, are looking forward to her debut LP. This is how yesterday's child creates music trends in 2022.

Repulsive attraction

A game on the verge of ugliness, which, within the framework of aesthetics, allows you to stand out among harmonious and pleasing to the eye visual images. This trend is being shaped by the rapper from the USA Tyler the Creator, Ivan Voroshilov's musical project Nedry, Russian hip-hop artist Boulevard Depo, Canadian singer The Weeknd, and Bob Dylan's grandson Grandson.

Celeste - R&B soul with a great future

Celeste is on nearly every 2021 Must-Hear list.

Celeste Waite began writing music and performing as a teenager. Three years ago, the singer released her debut EP Milk & Honey. In 2018, with the assistance of Michael Kiwanuka, she was signed to Polydor Records. The musician was amazed by the girl's unique timbre and manner of performance, how juicy she mixes jazz motives with R'n'B and soul. In March last year, her new mini-album Lately was released on the label.

The singer announced that in the middle of spring 2021 she is going on an international tour, and by 2023 she will release a full-length studio disc.