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Decentralization and Composability

What we will explore The fundamental principle upon which the foundations of Web3 were laid, decentralization. One of the key factors for the overwhelming success of DeFi in Ethereum, composability. Why decentralization and composability? Decentralization, by itself, is the single most important aspect of Web3 and the basis of it all. Understanding what it is, what the motivations behind it are, and how it is achieved sets us up for success in our path to mastering Web3. Composability, on...
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Web3: Beginner to Dev3

Web3: Beginner to Dev3 What? Every software engineer out there has heard of blockchain. Despite the massive amounts of incentives that are offered to developers to migrate to Web3, why is there still such an acute supply gap in the market? Are the incentives not lucrative enough? No. Is there a general dearth of talented developers? Definitely not. Is it that, even if a developer wanted to, they wouldn't be able to navigate this ever changing landscape without a guide? Maybe. That's where thi...
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