The best proof of love is trust.
—Joyce Brothers

Habakkuk offers us an amazing model of a healthy, balanced response to what had to be about the worst news he could have received from God. Even as his body reacted, he realized that he had a choice about what he was going to believe. He could trust his emotions. He could trust his current view of the situation. Or he could trust that God could somehow bring good out of an inconceivable scenario—the Babylonians invading their land.

In your life, it may feel like the Babylonians have already ravaged the landscape of your heart. You may be grieving losses that occurred years ago. But even in the middle of all that pain, if you can choose to trust God despite all kinds of evidence to the contrary, then you will breakthrough to a new level of intimacy with him. You will know his presence in the middle of your hurting. You will trust his character when you don’t understand your circumstances. Then, no matter what happens, no matter how painfully your heart is pierced, you can continue to take one more step for one more day.

As with Habakkuk, your prayer becomes honest about what you’ve lost or will lose, even as you realize that you still have God.

“Even though my spouse said till death do us part and didn’t live up to their word, I will still rejoice in the Lord my God.”

“Even though I raised my kids to know better and they’re making very scary decisions right now, yet will I trust in the Lord my God.”

“Even though we’ve prayed for someone’s health to get better and they’ve gotten worse, yet I will trust in the Lord my God.”

“Even though our house will not sell and we are on the line, I will yet trust in the Lord my God.”

“Even though finances are tough and it’s going to cost four hundred dollars to repair my car, yet I will trust in the Lord my God.”

“Even though I don’t like it, even though I don’t understand it, even though I know he could and he should but he’s not, yet will I trust in the Lord my God.”

Pray: Even though … I will trust you. You are my God.


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