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Host of "In Case You Forgot: The Ownership Economy" Podcast 👇👇 My Profile Page: https://page.fyi/@jsk

How to Explain Your No-Code Tech Stack to Investors

How to Explain Your No-Code Tech Stack to InvestorsThese days, more accelerators and early-stage (seed and pre-seed) investors in tech startups want to see a live minimum viable product (MVP) before backing a project. Creating your first product demo or MVP used to require spending thousands of dollars on help from an engineer, but thanks to no-code tools like Bubble, startups can now build custom, complex web products entirely visually—without code—for a reasonable monthly subscription.If you’r...
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A Normie’s Guide to Crypto

March 25, 2022 Until fairly recently, if you lived anywhere other than San Francisco, it was possible to go days or even weeks without hearing about crypto. Now, suddenly, it’s inescapable. Look one way, and there are Matt Damon and Larry David doing ads for crypto start-ups. Swivel your head — oh, hey, it’s the mayors of Miami and New York City, arguing over who loves Bitcoin more. For instance, 2 NBA arenas are now named after crypto companies, and it seems as if every corporate marketing te...
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The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant

The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant Once upon a time, the planet was tyrannized by a giant dragon. The dragon stood taller than the largest cathedral, and it was covered with thick black scales. Its red eyes glowed with hate, and from its terrible jaws flowed an incessant stream of evil-smelling yellowish-green slime. It demanded from humankind a blood-curdling tribute: to satisfy its enormous appetite, ten thousand men and women had to be delivered every evening at the onset of dark to the foot of...
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Tokenization of Cannabis in the Metaverse: A Case Study

Tokenization of Cannabis in the Web3 Metaverse What is Cannabis Tokenization, Anyway? Cannabis, crypto, Web 3, and blockchain, a brave new world? Cannabis and Web3 Crossover: Tokenization The growing momentum of cannabis and cryptocurrency acceptance in the United States is beautiful to behold. The team-up of the two sectors recently best explains the wise words that say that two heads are better than one. Both sectors are not federally recognized as legal entities. This has resulted in a s...
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Ego is the Enemy: The Legend of Genghis Khan

Ego is the EnemyThe Legend of Genghis Khan In his book, Ego is the Enemy, Ryan Holiday tells the story of Genghis Khan and how his openness to learning was the foundation of his success. The legend of Genghis Khan has echoed through history: A barbarian conqueror, fueled by bloodlust, terrorizing the civilized world. We have him and his Mongol horde traveling across Asia and Europe, insatiable, stopping at nothing to plunder, rape, and kill not just the people who stood in their way, but the c...
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LinkedIn Profile - Resume - March 16 2022

Jonathan Kogan Miami FL | New York NY | Cleveland OH (e): kogan@hey.com (p): +1 (440) 903-9161 (l): linkedin.com/in/ownershipeconomy (w): ownershipeconomy.substack.com Summary Experienced in scaling startups, building teams from the ground up, improving operational efficiency, and helping turnaround underperforming organizations. My approach is founded on the thesis that the fundamentals necessary to create a successful business are often overlooked or undervalued, but when focused on, c...
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My Page: About Me

About MeMy PageA little bit about me and what I’m up to…I’m laser focused on the convergence of 3 specific areas: Crypto, No-Code, and the Creator Economy. I believe this technologies will change the world, and how it fundamentally operates (for anyone that is alive today).We are in changing times, which isn’t anything new, but the magnitude of this “shift” has most likely never been experienced before in any human era. At the very least, there are only 5 times in history that can really be in t...
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No-Code for Web3

The massive growth nonfungible tokens reflects their fundamental value: NFTs make digital objects unique. NFTs do this by connecting a digital object with an identifier that cannot be replicated because the identifier is a unique blockchain transaction. When digital objects are unique, creators, content producers, and brand owners can capture the value of producing original works, limited editions, authentic products and transactions, and verified credentials. The most popular uses of NFTs are ...
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The Ownershio Economy: Web3 is just normalizing Web2 compensation for Creators

Hashtagpaid ArticleDon’t be naïve. The decentralization dream of Web3 won’t come true any time soon, if ever. At least not as it was originally conceived. As Moxie Marlinspike, founder of Signal, explained, centralization emerged in the first place because people don’t want to run their own servers. Until running your own server is as accessible as turning on your router, the promise of true decentralization will remain a fairy tale. In the meantime, venture capitalists will continue to pour col...
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