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Leetcode questions worth noting

Questions marked as double-check have either been solved but not completely understood, or not solved optimally.

The following questions are to be referenced, for solutions both on Leetcode, and for notes in the vscode folder on local computer.



#53: Maximum Subarray [LC easy]

28 Implement strstr [LC easy] [Double-check]

  • The naive solution is not difficult, but is slow, and prone to error on edge cases.
  • The actual solution uses KMP or Rabin-Karp

88 Merge Sorted Array

  • Has like three different approaches.
  • The approach of addressing the array from rear is an important one to note (especially when talking about modifying an array in-place) # Medium


#1: Heelo, world

Let's see, there probably have been tooo many 'hi, this is my first post' posts. This one isn't any different.