Add Kubectl Context to Cmder Prompt

Add a .lua file under .\config\myconfig.lua_

function custom_prompt()
  -- Exectute kubectl command to get context (Note the output will contain a newline)
  local handle = io.popen("kubectl config current-context")
  local context = handle:read("*a")

  cwd = clink.get_cwd()
  prompt = "\x1b[1;32;40m{cwd} {git}{hg} \x1b[0;35;40m{context}\x1b[1;30;40m{lamb} \x1b[0m"
  new_value = string.gsub(prompt, "{cwd}", cwd)
  add_context = string.gsub(new_value, "{context}", context)
  clink.prompt.value = string.gsub(add_context, "{lamb}", "λ")

clink.prompt.register_filter(custom_prompt, 1)

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