A week away

We got back on Friday from a week away out west in Bluestone and it was great to spend some good quality family time with everyone. We used our lodge as a base and headed out every day to explore Tenby, Freshwater East & West.

I took my laptop with me as I needed to keep a few things ticking over, a late night, a couple of early mornings and I kept things rolling along nicely. I managed to have a good break away from the screen but still get some important client stuff done. Whilst I would have rather not worked at all, sometimes when it's just you, you have to and I was quite pleased with the balance I struck and what I got done.

The weekend has rounded the break off nicely with seafront bike rides and a trip to see Aladdin at the cinema today (which was excellent)

Back at it full pelt tomorrow though and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into some of the current projects. Planninf to head into the office early tomorrow morning, head to BaseKamp Coffee and handle all emails before the juicier stuff back at my desk.

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