Been a bit

Meant to add something here sooner, but again it's been a positive few days, felt good about the work and another big presentation went well (although I wasn't present). Had a call yesterday with a designer and member of staff at a really cool venue in London that we are starting a new site on, went well - although I forgot how the budget/costs were being split, something we talked about way back at the beginning - and it always makes you seem a bit unprofessional when you have to ask all that again, so, note to self - always write that stuff down at the start, send estimates to be approved when you've just had the conversation so everyone remembers (which I'm now doing with another client).

Going to be a busy rest of the week, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Forgot to add, bit of a crunch last week as suddenly had to get all my accounts up to date to submit a P11D... my accountants came through though and really helped me out, yes I had to pay £200+ to get it sorted but it was worth it to me

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