Paid Communities for Creators


Great tools and outlets already exist for content creators: podcasts, newsletters, and blogs all allow for premium asynchronous content to reach a wide variety of audiences. However, nothing exists for creators, influencers, and thought leaders to interact in real time with their following.

Bunches allows for creators to manage and facilitate real-time community paid for by their participants.


Bunches is a mobile-first group chat application built from the ground up with creators and premium communities in mind. Administer and facilitate paid communities out of the box, complete with analytics and tools built for audience management.


Slack and Discord are both major players in the real-time community space. However, neither Discord nor Slack currently allow for paid premium channels as a native feature.

Additionally, both have target market problems with Slack being primarily for internal business communication and Discord is being pigeonholed into the gaming community.

Substack is currently building community management tooling, but they’ve yet to implement a true real-time chat feature for managing synchronous communication with an audience.