#1 – Starting the Journey to achieve Privacy

I bet you have been seeing so much news about cyberattacks and how people’s lives are turning upside down due to the gruesome cyberattacks they are facing. Every week you get to hear about massive data breaches from even Fortune500 companies. In contrast to that, you might even think no big deal I am not that important enough to be the target and you don’t have any significant amount on your bank account to become the target for such attacks. That is where you are wrong.

In cases like these, scammers and attackers who perform low-skill hacks don’t really choose their targets. They go through their dump of targets collected from your leaked or online presence and pick randomly. And most of the time, they shoot with no particular aim or target, hoping the bulk of targets will fall themselves.

You might search and find thousands of posts that show you quick fixes to save you from these types of hacks, but with the growing sophistication of these threats, you can't really rely on quick tips.

Join me on a journey that I would take with you to understand your point of view as well as share mine to secure yourself in this online jungle where you are at constant risk. We will go through the stuff which you can really use

In this blog and podcast we curate all the information you need to safeguard yourself 99% of the time. You cannot be fully safe in this cyber world – there is no one bullet to all our problems.

Before we can start, we need to measure what state we are in. From then we can try to be as secure as possible as per your threat model.

P.S. – The more secure you become, the more inconvenient it might become. So, I would recommend starting small and integrating it slowly with your day-to-day life.

Below you can find the link to the document with certain questions and answers that might help you understand your security posture.