Not worth it to use listed

Can't recommend using listed as your bloging platform/host of choice since there are several bugs that I discovered within 2 posts.

  1. No way to delete or edit posts from web
  2. No tagging, post index, or easy/reliable way to permalink posts. (Lack of post metadata)
  3. No admin interface. You can only manage posts from the Standard Notes app with the extension
  4. No way to update posts without republishing them, which will inevitably change the publish date and order in which posts are displayed.
  5. No way to delete blog or push username change notifications to followers, no redirects to new usernames.
  6. No way to theme, add comment support, etc
  7. Editing/republishing too quickly may cause older posts to be overwritten by the republished article
  8. Have to host media (images etc) on another service. Might as well go all the way and host an entire static site there then.