Into the Extreality

Going down the rabbit-hole won't describe where this writing is going. Because rabbits rarely go into the darkness of the qliphoth like we're about to do now. Going down the mole hole? No, something more sinister. Not snakes either. Actually, come to think of it, there is no valid animal metaphor for this. It's all human. We're going down a rabbit-hole made by humans.

The sephiroth on the tree of life are ten inherent principles in both the whole of existence and of each human being. Each of the sephiroth can also be viewed as their own symbolic realms of reality, as they each represent a special state of mind.

Intertwined with these symbolic traits are the qliphoth, the shells, the husk, the dark side of the sephiroth and their values. They are everything driven to the extreme – the qliphoth are the red zone above the green on the meters of the sephiroth.

The world consists of many realities. The first and most apparent one is what I call Actual Reality, the phenomenal world, where things are tangible and where events happen. This is where our bodies exist.

On top of this basic Actual Reality we also have layers of Additional Realities. Our culture, ideals, myths, imaginations, perceptions and even misconceptions, they all build extensions, or new Additional Realities, based on how we see the world. We're all burrowing or ascending – depending on personal view – into the diverse worlds that humanity creates.

Magic is a way of shaping these multiple layers of overlapping realities the way we want them to be. The stronger the working of the magic the more overlapping realities, of both our own and others, we affect. But both magic the Additional Realities rises out of our minds. The alternations we create only lives in us humans, since magic is not inherent in the structure of the physical Actual Reality.

So the basic Actual Reality exists whether humans are present or not. At the same time all the other layers of magic and Additional Realities need humans to exist.

Now we are about to really enter what I earlier in this writing dubbed the rabbit-hole of humanity. Because I think there is a third kind of reality. It's a physical but not physical reality. An Extra Reality – The Extreality. Initially created by humans but now existing on its own. It's almost as if a new sephira, representing a new fundamental value and state of mind, has appeared on the tree of life. And with this new sephira comes – a new qlipha.

The Extreality is partly manifested by The Internet. Enlightening and connecting – dark and terrible. The best of art, ideas and understanding available shared with everyone – that is the positive value of the sephira. The worst malicious darkness of mankind spreading as viruses, possessing and corrupting our unshielded and eagerly receptive minds – which is the darkness of the qlipha.

There is much raw violence and pure shadow forces at work in The Extreality. It's both enhancing and being enhanced by humanity's catastrophically negative emotions, like infernal feedback, fueled by all manners of inhuman traits that flourish in uninhibited cascades. Every low-level, demonic egoism of self-indulgent center-of-the-world lack of empathy, of overstanding, or lack of connection to humanity, all reversed aspirations and ultra-charged urges easily outshines the possible splendor like a hydrogen bomb if we let it.

This qlipha boosts the amplification of speed and power and it is exhilarating and intoxicating to anyone in its proximity. Like a mob or stampede we're flooded in both chaotic and controlled waves of hormonally triggered emotions and becomes conglomerates of individual humans that acts as larger, composite beings with radically different traits and behavior from its components.

Because of all this darkness it's sometimes easy to think that this Extra Reality is reversed so that it's a murky qlipha is the heart of it instead of the brilliant sephira as usual. Then the positive values of the sephira would instead, in this supposed reversal, appear as just thin light varnished around the central dark qlipha.

But it just looks dark and unpolished because it is so new. We need to examine this new realm, find out how it works, what triggers its quirks, and learn how to harness both its negative and positive aspects. They are powerful together. Because a sephira and its qlipha are inseparable – just as we humans are who we are due to both our virtues and our vices.

There are much inherent potential that can be accessed in this hidden reserve. Much needed fuel to boost our transcendence to new levels of the tree. The Extreality could be a pre-prepared campsite with fires keeping the night at bay. So if we won't burn all the fuel and reserves right away it will aid us on our further ascension towards The Crown.

The Internet is like a mycelium growing in and out of this rudimentary new world, connecting it to the Actual Reality of our physical world. It is the first Extra Reality we have found since we became humans. Shine a light in the darkness, explore it, affect it, don't ignore it, because it will grow and evolve whether we are there or not.

Lets go down the rabbit-hole of humanity and excavate it. Reinforce the shafts and light it up with torches. That's how we'll be sure to not be swallowed by it.