Business Hack Chapter 1: Using a Product Promo & $10 to Earn $100's

Better Than Owning Your Own Lottery

I was at a meeting recently where a startup was discussing its roll-out. Curiously enough, I thought, the subject was philately. Stamp collecting. That's something a great uncle of mine was really into but I haven't thought of since I was a kid, looking over his shoulder at the funny little pictures. At first, I thought the meeting would be a sleeper. I was wrong. The stamps are actually pretty cool. Digital collectibles. But that's not what really got me. It's their launch promotion plan that made me wake up.

I can see you shifting in your seat reaching to check out TikTok. Don't.

To Earn, You Gotta Sell

It's a business, not magic. If you can't make a few $10 sales, move on and do something more fun. Seriously. This will be a waste of your time. If you can make a few sales, and by "few" I mean like 3 or 5, read on and learn how they can turn into an average monthly income of $100's or $1,000's. If you can hit 10 or 20 you're rockin'. If you do more you're a star. Seriously. And no one cares if it takes you a week to hit your number or a year. Obviously you'll make more sooner the faster you can make those sales but no one else will care.

Not Your Mom's Multilevel

I nearly walked out at one point so I'm gonna mention it right off. Walk if you will. I'll talk to those who stay. It's sort of a multi-level thing. A pyramid. I hate those. My mother lost a bunch of money and most of her friends doing that. Despite my distaste... I'm writing this. So if you want to argue about that - just save us both the time and stop reading. Go do something that's more worthwhile for you.

Still with me?

OK - the deal is that you sell digital stamps, one for about $4 or a sheet of 9 for about $10 (the prices can vary but not too much). I can see you shifting in your seat reaching to check out TikTok. Don't. You got this far, don't miss out by just not reading the rest (like 10 minutes worth?). I don't care any more about the stamps than you do. This is about making some money. Bear with me.

Surprisingly Simple and Powerful: Laziness & Greed in a Good Way

The stamps have sweepstakes (like a lottery but way better - and free) attached. Buy some stamps and if you're lucky, you'll win a cash prize. The secret sauce, what got me all hot & bothered is that everyone who buys some stamps gets to also sell stamps (no extra cost - it's part of the $10).

If a stamp you buy wins, you get the Big Hootie Grand Prize - yipeee! If a stamp you sell wins... you get the Big Hootie Grand Prize - yippieee!. That's not a typo, read it again. There are two Big Hooties, one for the buyer and one for the seller of the winning stamp. And if the person you sell to sells stamps and one them wins... you get a Lesser Hootie Prize and if one of them sells the winning stamp you get a Lesser Yet Prize. Without spending any more money you can get dozens, hundreds or even thousands of chances to win with very little effort. And, every stamp sold increases the size of the prizes. That's the product promo - the company is using the sweepstakes to advertise their digital, collectible stamps. We are hacking the promo to make money.

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