Long Walk Short Plank

I downloaded an encrypted notes app so people couldn’t see my private notes. Oh, hi.

List Of Amazon Things I Need Yet Can’t Feasibly Justify Buying

-will it fit in hatchback?-

This is such a mindfvck.

Now I am mentally associating social media with my personal notes.

More on this later. I’m on to you!

Stop Hyperfocusing…

On things when you get anxious. It’s a form of avoidant behavior.

You’re welcome. I don’t take insurance.


Seriously it’s been this long and I still can’t get the hang of it?


test -test
testtest *test

I can’t.

Unsecure Cellular Infrastructure protocols

If at war, If it’s legacy, it will be fallback.

SS7 protocol. Used widely, but consIdered legacy. Some copypasta (first point-mg) and my brain:

*Introduced and adopted in the mid 70s, SS7 (Common Channel Signaling System No. 7 or C7) has been the industry standard since, and hasn’t advanced much in decades.
*The SS7 protocol is used everywhere, and is the leading protocol for connecting network communication worldwide. Because it is so prevalent, used by both intelligence agencies and mobile operators.
-all cellular subscriber phone data from communication to location, ALL, is privy to operators and… intelligence agencies. Yes intelligence. For a fact. Great to find out. And we thought Pegasus was a thing?
*The set of SS7 telephony signaling protocols is responsible for setting up and terminating telephone calls over a digital signaling network to enable wireless cellular and wired connectivity. It is used to initiate most of the world’s public telephone calls over PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

  • According to telecommunications experts, all a bad actor would need to successfully launch an SS7 attack are a computer running Linux and the SS7 SDK – both free to download from the Internet. Once connected to an SS7 network, they can target subscribers on the network while fooling the network into thinking the device is actually an MSC/VLR node.
  • Oh just Linux and an SDK. Greaaaaaaaaat.

Ok Is This Really A Good Idea

Mixing personal notes with a blog via app?!
I mean, this is either mad or rather genius.

“Hey, this is an app with actual encryption! Hello security minded user! Download me, it’s better than Apple’s encryption! Forget those servers baby hop on mine!”

“Oh hey by the way Check this out okay you ready cool so This is integrated with this other platform that can show your notes like it’s a blog and stuff that’s not too where is it!?”

The above is a dialogue from my head. Yeah, that’s how I think. I know.

Note to self:

Brag about my medieval language skills.

  • check appropriate usage of “Thee” as a sentence opener or declaration.

So I Was Looking For Encrypted Notes

And it ended up here.

Oh, irony, Thee hast slashed mine cranial lobes with such a sword!