Fred Lunau

Just a simple Standard Notes lover.

Spirit Forest

The Spirit Forest Spirits are ever present. [File: fc37d24d-805d-4762-b1a1-a22d69d46e3d] Through drought and deep freezes. [File: d3e39650-c2d2-4f40-80fb-abb9abc80f25] Clinging to life to make more life. [File: 74e4ece5-accb-44da-a05d-40791392b534] Revealing their secret spaces. [File: 23397ad2-622a-4147-a425-e6af5b8b5f1a] [File: 7dbea950-ab98-41bd-a335-182a6a6f6667] ...
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Religious rants

Hmmm…. lemme pick between 2000+ year old scrolls written in and modern genetics…. I’ll let you know, sweetheart. Oh, and Moses’ tablets were written in ancient Hebrew, and the New Testament was written in ancient Greek. Then translated over and over and over. And yet all y’all are clinging to each word verbatim. LMFAO. ...
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On the Covid memory hole

Here we are again.  Back in March of 2020.  Yet it's radically different.What is different?  Back in early 2020, the news of a rapidly-spreading virus was top news.  It was exciting.  It was novel.  It dragged our minds out of a morass and apathy, and gave us all, collectively, something to focus on.  To fight together for. Now, we are fed up.  We've stopped paying attention to the ravages of Covid because ... less risk of death.  That's pretty much it.  No worries about unknown long-term sympto...
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