shared joy (day 10 of 100)

Reflecting as I run out the door after an all-nighter spent not working, but dreading and avoiding work that has to be presented later today: what if what’s needed (in my case, which is chronically procrastinating on writing projects) isn’t accountability, but a sense of shared joy?

I have a shared folder with a friend to which we’ve endeavored to contribute two pages per day. Both of us have fallen short of that ideal by quite a bit, and this morning I briefly found myself wishing that she and I were both more hard on each other. But then I thought, perhaps holding each other to exacting expectations isn’t the answer - maybe the answer is to infuse more joy into the process of creating, sharing, and reflecting on our work together.

Maybe these are just the ravings of the sleep-deprived. But I’m going to look for ways to create that joy, and see if that helps.

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