tech projects I want to try (11 of 100)

I'm an aspiring/nascent computer nerd, and I'd like to do more tinkering with hardware and software. Here's a list-in-progress of projects I'd like to try:


- set up a Glitch account and start exploring the apps

- run Linux Beta on my Chromebook and explore what I can do with that

**In 2020**

- do Mozilla's digital detox

- start reducing my presence under the Googlesphere

- DIY replacement of the fried logic board in my 2011 MacBook Pro (and reinstallation of its hard drive)

- pick up where I left off in learning C# on Codecademy

- set up a personal website and join a webring


- create an extension for Standard Notes

- create a simple video game

- set up a private server to host my website, email, etc.

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