Update BIOS HP Laptop

Model: HP 14-cm0000

If you run Linux on an HP Laptop upgrading the BIOS is a bit torturous!

It seems that the BIOS downloads from HP will only run on a Windows 64bit machine.

I downloaded mine from here, you have to select Windows as an OS otherwise no drivers are offered for download.


The resulting download was a file called sp150585.exe which I copied to a local folder. Don't bother extracting the contents using wine, the resulting Winflash.exe doesn't respect command line switches so you cannot extract the BIOS payload.

You will need to run this exe on a 64bit Windows machine. Once you've located a Windows PC and run the program choose the option to create a usb stick to recover a different PC.

With the HP laptop powered off, insert the USB drive and press F9 during the POST sequence.

You will be presented with a Boot Menu. Choose Boot From EFI File


Then it's just a matter of selecting the HP_TOOLS USB stick and navigating to:-


A graphical program is run and will navigate you through the upgrade process. :)

I hope this saves you a couple of hours!

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