November 3rd, 2019 Changelog

Nov. 3rd Changelog

  1. Finally figured out the 'changelog' for canny(.)io ; that can be released soon

  2. Bitcoin price analysis uploaded to Discord/Telegram/TradingView/Twitter

  3. Analysis of October 25th/26th price action uploaded to the Discord+Blog+Telegram+Twitter

  4. Market Indices Overview + Quantitative Breakdown of T10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market performance using metrics that employ a series of quantitative analytics.

  5. KuCoin Shares project + price analysis in the #project-reviews section of the [Discord]

  6. IEO Additions [Discord]

6a. '' platform elaborated on, specifically (interesting one) [Discord]

  1. $BCH Analysis (to be completed)

  2. Renamed 'Crypto Information' to 'Crypto Resources' in the [Discord]

  3. Added category in the Discord titled, 'Smart Contract Audit' (pertains to ERC20 tokens mostly)

  4. Added smart contract audit platform review #1 (Audithor) into the smart contract audit channel [Discord]

  5. Added DeFi Market Resources to the #DeFi channel [Discord]

  6. Added DeFi Interfaces to the #DeFi channel [Discord]

  7. Added DeFi Wallets to the #DeFi channel [Discord]

  8. Added DeFi Projects to the #DeFi channel [Discord]

  9. Posted market review that includes the MVIS Indices + other relevant market metrics (a little bit of Quantitative Analysis review)

  10. Hosted FTX lawsuit link on (

  11. Changed the Terms and Conditions for to more accurately reflect the values of the site. Made a few other minor aesthetic changes because looks matter.

  12. FTX Lawsuit file hosting announced on:

a) Twitter =

b) Telegram =

c) Discord (private link)

  1. Ethereum Price Analysis complete

a) Posted in the Discord (channel = #cryptomedication)

b) Posted on TradingView =

c) Posted on Telegram =

d) Posted on Twitter =

  1. Added 100+ hashfail members to the RSI Filter Indicator =

  2. Added 100+ hashfail members to the Aggressive MA Whale Detector System Indicator =

  3. Added 100+ hashfail members to the Fibonacci Moving Indicator =

  4. Added 100+ hashfail members to the ZN Price Bands Indicator =

  5. Added 100+ hashfail members to the Double Guppy Channel Indicator =

  6. Added 100+ hashfail members to the ZN Heikin Candle Signals Indicator =

  7. Added 100+ hashfail members to the MACD Reversion Ribbon V2 Indicator =

  8. Added 100+ hashfail members to Balance of Power RSI Extremes =