God. English as a language that very difficulty to master it. LETS MASTER IT THEN EXIT THE WORLD.

suprise of a girl Reported a video

I have a friend she's working for fb. One day I shared her a youtube video, there is a sentence in the video "stand with hongkong". I'm very surprise for her because of her first reaction was to report the video, even the youtube is not belong to China and The video uploader is a Taiwanese! This is ridiculous. ...
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I cant imagine that

I saw a massage gun on twitter just now. follow me, imagine that things can do more then for your muscle. Anyone can install a penis on that then become a fuck machine. ...
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I can't believe the number of Chinese Govement's public COVID19 virus confirmed number after I compare the data of global cases. The population of China are several times that of Italian. How can I belive that? Let's think about it, If 81k confirmed case from China is real, that only one of these two things is true: China has fake/unreal 1.4 Billion people 81k Confirmed case not real ...
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Do not eat kids

Today I saw a NEWS said that Kids Largely Spared by Virus, Making Them ‘Covert’ Spreaders. Well, children will make a huge spared network over the world. Virus came from animals because Dog Eaters (Chinese I mean) ate bats, and I hope thoese don't eat there's kits. AMEN. ...
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Another blog to learning

Hi me, I just opened this listed blog to practice my "simple" english skill, and hope one day I can master it. yes, no one knows this plan. ...
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