Human Inhabitant

I, the physically and/or morally hideous human inhabitant, love to read, play metal bass and day dream far, far too much... oh... and I am NOT a blogger.

PHPStorm and Flatpak...

I do love using Flathub and Flatpak... makes installing and updating linux packages a breeze... especially on Linux Mint... But then... occasionally... there is this. Ugh... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | Warning: You are running an unofficial Flatpak version of PhpStorm !!! | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please open issues under:
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Do you... grunt...?

So... I am an old school (very old) web developer, a sort of full stack hack if you will. Beyond my 9 to 5, I love to maintain my own domains. As much as some like to whittle or draw or knit or... well, you get it, but like I said I'm old school. Nonetheless, I have managed to adopt some newer ideas to keep me rolling forward, one of them, is using gruntjs. First... I am no expert, hence this post, because for me writing it down basically forces me to wrap my head around it (ah yes... the prove...
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Meh... Now I Get It

Remember this joke? Why do programmers always mix up Halloween and Christmas? Because Oct31 === Dec25! Wait... what? It took JavaScript for me to get it... sadly. // It's all about the radix... const oct31 = parseInt('31', 8); // 8 octal aka... oct const dec25 = parseInt('25', 10); // 10 decimal aka... dec console.debug('Oct31 represents [%d]\nwhilst...\nDec25 represents [%d]', oct31, dec25); console.debug('SO... Oct31 === Dec25 is %o', oct31 === dec25); Ha ha ha ha...? 🙄 I am out... ...
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The Ukrainian War through the Lens of Sun Tzu's Art of War

Dear Bard... Using The Art of War by Sun Tzu as an outline, please summarize the Ukrainian war... Curiously, Human To my friend... Human. 1. Laying Plans: Russia: Putin underestimated Ukraine's resolve and the West's unity. His initial plan for a swift blitzkrieg failed to materialize. Ukraine: Leveraging intelligence and Western support, Ukraine prepared for a protracted war, utilizing asymmetrical tactics to maximize effectiveness. 2. Waging War: Russia: Initially relied on overwhe...
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