Day 1: My first post

Hello, just thought i'd attempt to make an open-formatted journal. If you'd like to know who I am, I apologise. I do not wish to be known or identified. What I can say is that I am a medical student in my clinical years. This 'journal' or blog was created to give myself a space to write in a public yet anonymous manner and in doing so, be able to create long-form discussions that can said to be an extension of my thoughts on interesting matters, particular in the area of health.

I am aware that these posts may not be read but that's not the point. I've recently been 'reading'* a book called 'The One Thing'. In this book, the author discusses and argues that in order to be successful, you must decide on the one thing that matters to you. This can be said to be applied to daily tasks. The way to reach success is to do that one thing that matters to your success every day. This could be a slow grind to many. Achieving small goals over a period of time to instill pleasure in the activites one does. To me, writing in this journal will be my attempt at that. The reason why I say 'attempt' is because I currently feel time-poor. I don't have much time in the day where I can devote to any one particular thing and subsequently, I do everything poorly. This turns into a cycle, as in order to make up for the thing I do poorly, I try to devote my time to it. As such, this journaling will allow me to look back and look at my goals and have a time-line where I can, not only keep myself accountable but also have an output of creativity at the same time. Killing two birds with a stone, as you may call it. It is also my wish for my posts to not offend you. Hopefully, it won't reach that point.

Long story short:

  • I made an open-format journal for anonymous discussion of my thoughts
  • This is largely inspired by a book
  • I aim to use this to keep myself accountable for achieving my 'One Thing' that matters

With that all done, I would like say that i hope my future posts may entertain or challenge your own thoughts as it may have done so for mine.

Thank you for your time.

*by 'reading', I mean listening an audiobook, which is kind of like reading... just kind of..

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