Why Journal?

Why am I writing a journal? And why bother posting it?

Well, first, this isn't going to be a true journal (the daily self-reflection kind) as much as it will be a dumping ground for my thoughts.

See, writing a journal forces me to take my dynamic, spaghetti-ball thoughts and organize and structure them into something logical and orderly and concrete. The effect of this, I hope, will be that I explore my thoughts, morals, and beliefs to their logical extremes as I try to express them. This journal is part of my effort to "get my life in order", to structure as much of my arbitrary, messy life as I can.

Publishing these journals is part of ensuring that I adhere to the aforementioned goals. With the knowledge that my ramblings are open to outside reading/scrutiny (however infrequent or uninvested), I will feel obligated to write to a higher standard than if I knew this journal was entirely private. I'm okay with my own incoherence — I'm not okay with others having to suffer through it.

I'm hoping to post on a semi-regular basis. As frequently as practically possible, but while still making sure I keep my journals semi-logical. I'm not entirely sure what I'll write about quite yet. I've been reading Meditations and some of Ayn Rand's lighter material, so perhaps I'll touch on that. My Ethics class at school has also been covering some conflicting topics and I'd like to straighten out my morals. I'd also like to maybe post about some of my programming projects, but we'll see.

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