New beginnings

I've been wanting to pay for an extended subscription to Standard Notes for ages, and this week I was finally able to do so. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the subscription includes a free blog that is very easy to post to from the app.

I've no idea what I'll use this for yet but I think for the time being I'll keep it anonymous. Not that I have any deep dark interesting secrets that I need to keep hidden you understand, but it might be nice to have the freedom of not having to wonder who might be reading my words and what they're thinking about me as a consequence. For many years now I've been using my real name at most of the internet places I haunt - not a problem for the most part, but it does constrain me occasionally.

I do have a couple of blogs already but rarely use either of them. There was a time, many moons ago, that I blogged on an almost daily basis. The days before Twitter etc came along and most of the bloggers I knew back then (myself included) migrated to various social media platforms over the years.

Personally I'm quite sick of social media by now and have actually been planning a move back to blogging for some time. I just can't seem to gather inspiration for it though. Maybe this will help? We'll see!

Oh, the name. No real significance behind it, other than it seems quite apt right now for obvious reasons (Covid-19 in case you've been living under a huge rock) and the fact that I am suffering from an infection (not Covid thankfully!) right now too. I have a (totally benign) cyst and it decided to get angry with me a few days ago. So yeah, the name seems pretty apt.