Why form?

I guess I just don't understand why and how things colesce and what it means.

If I go
then what di
fer en
does it really make? What if form is wind, like a flow or a feeling. Is it big or not? How do we know what we're talking about when we say form?

There have been so many times I've just created, just made something without regard for how it looked or sounded or---and I was going to say felt but that's precisely what I regarded most, not the way of feeling but the bare fact of having felt---or seemed. Then there are all the times that I "created" in gagging, stilted tones of unfeeling and brutal care, and so many more where I feared these two extremes so deeply that I probably didn't create anything at awl.

For what is a form but mere recognition? If i notice without knowing, is that the formless?

I want layers of ideas to build up all around me.

No more.

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