Ribbon: A meditation

Ribbon A meditation by Ivan Heitmann, 2020. - And then there were three. A life as lively as any other the which: started with chernobyl and concludes with new life.... New life has a way of interrupting, hasn't it, especially when things are grey. Don't you love the fluffy grey chick on a rainy day in April? Yes. Yes you do. Somewhere a seed fractures a slab. Sharp contrasts are irrefutable far away, but reality is an indescribable and unending gradient: a ribbon that registers that you ...
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Using Standard Notes for what overwhelms me is promising

The idea is that if the interface is clean and you can zoom in and out then you can manage level of detail in a way that isn't overwhelming. Overwhelming. The word itself is kind of overwhelming. When a person struggles with too much information in the digital world, the time is right for monospace fonts, distraction free modes, and content oriented UI's. The trick is sticking with any kind of system at all. The beauty of Standard Notes is that there are so many paradigms for interacting with y...
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Microblog 01

Hello, internet. ...
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