Jamie Kate Nelson

I'm hoping this blog will help me understand myself more. Join me as I learn to translate my inner thoughts and ideas into a reality.

thought 4

Does racism exist in artificial intelligence? ...
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thought 3

I have never been one to follow the rules let alone a recipe. My mind likes to operate based on experience. When it comes to tasks such as cooking, this pattern of thought is incredibly inefficient; no cake is baked the same as bread, and no vegetable is cooked the same as meat. When it comes to social tasks, my mind is incredibly efficient; the art of sorting through and filtering my experiences allows me to empathize and genuinely bond with others. ...
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thought 2

Say you’re in a painting class. Your task is to “paint something you’ve never seen before”. You’re given several artistic prompts, with elaborate descriptions of something; however, it is in your domain to bring the description to life. What processes occur in your brain when accomplishing this task? ...
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thought 1

I pick up a book. One sentence reminds me of such, the next reminds me of such and such. I enter a rabbit hole. I realize I am still reading, although it feels like I left planet earth for some time. I cannot recall the last page and half of the book. Time to start over. I flip to the previous page and repeat. Again, and again. I finally give up on reading. Perhaps the book wasn’t enticing enough? Or maybe I am really hungry? I just can't focus on the words. An odd thing I have noticed is that...
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