Write something in Jason Evangelho's guestbook!

Jason, this is yourself from the future! The cake is a LIE! Also, start your Linux Youtube channel in 2017, not 2020. Trust me.

Lol I love this Jason! Computerkid

Salutations, my Fellow! -Chuy

Keep up the great work, Jason!

Love your manbun.

Can't wait to read you here ! I subscribed via RSS (:

Guestbook signing! This takes me back to my youth! Jason great content and great community host.

Hey, Milla Gamer Linux here. You are doing a great work, Jason.

Glad to hear you are doing well! Happy to have L4E in my podcast queue again :) Bummer about lightworks, as you dig into other options, I would be very interested to watch any tips and tricks you publish (especially using blender). Keep doing what you do so well and take care. -RastaCalavera

Jason congrats for your new Listed blog! Wilson from Puerto Rico