"An idea, to stop my boredom"

Before I tell you about my idea, you'll need to know what happened before I had this idea...

I have ADHD, so I cannot stand being bored. I have ways to get around it, for example, visualising a Debian 10 connection through SSH in the middle of English class and navigating around, coding a website, etc. But I cannot keep myself occupied with just that, I need something to do when I have access to the internet. Coding a website from a control panel like cPanel or StackCP is just boring, that's where my idea comes in. I have many, and I mean more than the average person, vps servers which I use (they're all connected and share resources). The little idea of mine would cut costs by 90% within a 5-year time frame.

A server. Not just any server, one in my very own room. Yes, you can do this with any old computer or a brand-spanking-new Raspberry Pi running Debian 10. But those types of servers aren't as powerful as the one I am talking about. With the capacity for 2TB ram, 2 CPUs (two 8-core 16-thread CPUs) and 2 Hard Drive slots with 8TB storage per drive (that's 16TB).

At first, I had comments like "14 year olds shouldn't have equipment like that" and other such similar comments, but I should. You see, I have been planning and coding something huge (which I won't disclose here but you can see the start of it at https://unlac.net). Having your own server brings a lot more responsibility than a pet as the servers need check-ups, tests and general maintenance. I'm great at problem solving and have fixed many errors with VPS servers, and even given quite a lot of advice online.

Anyways, the general point of having a server is that you could even install virtual machine software so you can run many servers in one (aka I would be self-hosting my own VPS servers). Or I could just install apache2, mariaDB and some other tools to make life easier for hosting whatever I would need.

Just thinking about it removes some of my boredom to be honest with you.

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