This is exactly why YOU should be using linux...

Okay, I know a lot of people are scared of having access to features such as "sudo" or such similar commands, but you don't even need to use them. There are hundreds of different distributions of linux, some forks of the big ones, some were made from scratch.

Here's a list of the best ones:

  • Ubuntu [best for beginners]
  • Linux Mint [best for beginners]
  • Element [best for beginners]
  • OpenSuse
  • Debian [best for beginners - sometimes]
  • Arch Linux [best for people with a lot of linux knowledge or want to learn about basic and advanced linux commands]

But my main points of using linux for my PC are simple:

  • Companies aren't in control of your data.
  • It's free, no licences or payments.
  • More customisation, you can even make it look like windows 10/11 or even xp or vista if you're that kind of person.
  • You have control. No limitations.
  • Endless Possibilities.
  • Easy to switch to a different distribution.
  • Open Source. Thus means you can edit it, customise it or fiddle with the code without being sued by a big corporation e.g. Microsoft.
  • Your files, Your rules. No companies or corporations have access to your pictures or files (if they're on your computer).
  • You own your copy. Do whatever you want with it.

There are many simple ways to get started, e.g. from Windows 10, you can disable secure boot to have the ability to boot from a USB stick that has installation files on, or to use TailsOS (a secure temporary OS that wipes all it's data after use, and uses TOR to browse the internet for complete anonymous web browsing).

Or you can use Linux to boot to your own OS with your files no matter what computer you're using.

You can also create your own Linux distro anytime you want to, or use any tool to customise it.

Do you really want big corporations in control of all your files? Use Linux if you like your privacy. :)

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