I'm big fan of open source software, a die-hard Linux user since 2K, and an live-long Christian :-D

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Vault: securing passwords on my laptop

Oh no, passwords! My laptop is my main computing device and I have lots of passwords that I keep in a KeePass store. This store I access interactively through the Kee Firefox Extension which works great. However, I have a bunch of applictions on my laptop that need access to my plain text groupware password and this didn't work so great with KeePass. For a long time I kept the passwords in various configuration files including netrc. This is not very secure plus it's a pain to change my pas...
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WIFIonICE in conflict with Docker

Make Deutsche Bahn WiFi work with a Linux laptop + Docker tl;dr WiFi doesn't work because you have Docker installed on your laptop! Shutdown Docker and surf happily ever after. Big shout out to Armbruster IT that led me in their blog post to the issue of Docker's network configuration that overlaps with Deutsch Bahn Wifi. In the follwoing post I'll walk you through moving the Docker's networks to different IP address ranges. Identifying the issue On the trains of Deutsche Bahn WiFi uses the ...
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