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I am a student, photographer, and tech lover in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Investing in Life

What if you could invest in someone else's life? For example, you could buy a share of their life, and you would get a percentage of their income. Unlike a loan, it would be possible to trade them and make money from them.

Premium Podcasts

Luminary has already failed at making premium podcasts for one reason. They make the app. In order to sell their podcasts, they need to make an app with free podcasts as well as their own. It's better to mix 5 exclusive podcasts with 1,000 free podcasts from other platforms than make an app that only has 5 podcasts.

My idea is for a service that you subscribe to, and you are able to authorize one IP address. Then, you open the podcast app of your choice on the device who's IP address you authorized, which is then able to download an episode of that podcast. Otherwise, the server would see that your IP address is not associated with a paid account, and would only download a 30 second preview with a message at the end instructing you to subscribe at a website.

The service could even charge per episode, and charge more for additional devices.

Book Two-Factor Authentication

What if books were used as two-factor authentication. You could choose a book from your shelf and enter it's title, print date, and publisher into Google or some other site. Then, when you went to login, it would ask you what the first twi words on the eighth page are, for example. Because the website knows the exact copy of the book you're reading, they know where the words are.

This works because the word(s) can be random each time. There aren't "infinite" possibilities, but there could be more complicated combinations. "What is the first word of the book and the second to last word of the book?" Because the login page wouldn't tell you the name of the book, someone trying to hack your account wouldn't know what book the website was talking about.

Split the Pie

This app is for meeting your neighbors. When you open the app, you are greeted with a map. On the map, are pictures of pizzas. Some have only a few slices, some are completed. The app will automatically create "pizzas" in public locations pre-determined by the app developer. The app would roll out to one city at a time. You can choose a pizza near you, and buy up to two slices. The point of the app is not to get a full meal, it's to meet new people. Once a pizza is completed, meaning all 6/8/12 slices are reserved, the app charges the credit cards of the people that reserved, and notified them with directions. The app also automatically orders a Domino's pizza to that public place. When all the people meet up, they eat pizza and get to know each other.

Why pizza? Everyone likes pizza. It's easy to divide.