Sometimes I don't connect well with God. In those times I don't hear Him or feel at peace. I've found that those are the times when I need to stop and spend time with Him through prayer and meditation and reading the Bible, and also paying attention to other books and things around me that he directs my attention to. Then He helps me bring things back into balance.

Sometimes I begin to feel that sin is keeping me distant from the Lord. I pray and search my feelings and seek the cause of my distress. The Lord leads me true, and I usually find the cause of my suffering. If I have done something wrong, I pray for forgiveness and the Lord forgives me. And then He reminds me to forgive myself. After that I feel some immediate relief, and He directs me and helps me find a way to feel better over time.

I find that as I progress in faith and righteous living, the Lord "raises my level." I begin to feel the weight of sin for small deviations from the holy path. But I also accept more easily my need to seek forgiveness and be renewed in the spirit.

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