A Prayer I Pray

Dear Lord,

You are the Primal Creator and Grand Weaver of all life and wonders, you are my Savior, you are my Heavenly Father, and you are my best friend. Thank you for loving me, for taking care of me, for guiding me, and for finding me when I was lost and bringing me back into your loving embrace. Thank you for bringing Emilie to me -- my brilliant, beautiful, passionate, soulful, talented, compassionate, hard-working, generous, loving wife. Thank you for giving us Tristan, our shining little beam of sunshine; who has a big smile and happy laugh, a feisty determination, and all the true strength of a tender loving heart.

Thank you for gently and patiently leading me back into the light of life and love and joy. Thank you for hearing my prayers and keeping my family and me safe and whole. Thank you for all the blessings you have brought to us from all corners of the earth. Thank you for teaching me all that I know, and showing me the world.

Thank you for trusting me to take care of Emilie and Tristan and our family, our friends, the people I will meet on earth, the people I will meet one day in heaven, and all the other life of Creation. I am awed by your presence, humbled by the trust you place in me, and overjoyed with the love you give me every day. Please accept my heartfelt thanks, and my deepest vow of obedience and allegiance, now and in all times to come.

Forever your humble and loving servant,

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