Day 2 Retrospective

Ended up being a really great day. The repair only took an hour so we were back on the road by 1130am.

Decided to skip Buffalo Trace since they did not have anything new today, which ended up being a good move. We hit all four distilleries on the Western KY craft distillery trail. Which means coin number 2!

The distilleries were all good. We only did tastings, no tours, had to keep moving. I tend to enjoy the craft distillery much more than the big bottler. They tend to experiment more, and come up with some interesting blends. Picked up a nice bottle of brandy.

We had one unexpected stop at a distillery in Tennessee call Old Glory, but I will get to that in a minute.

It was a long drive to finish the day. We drove in a sea of tractor trailers. Hundreds, and I mean hundreds on the road. Definitely felt like a small fish.

Back to Old Glory. At our last distillery they told us about Old Glory, but we only had 15 minutes to get there before close and 12 miles to drive. So we called. And we spoke to Paula. And she was awesome. Not only did they stay open late for us, but they had our flight already prepared and met us at the door. They were all incredible people, very kind, funny and interesting to talk with.

This leads to my final thought on the day. It started with a destructive act, and ended with kindness. That’s how I will remember the day…

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